About Me

Who am I?

and why you should work with me?
The childhood story is relatively the same as most people. Ok maybe I was a bit nerdier than most.

Where things took a more interesting turn was in my teen years. I fell into a job cooking and by the time I was 17 I was promoted to a management position. Leading a team of about 25 people.

Thankfully at the time I was wise enough to know.... I wasn't wise.

So I hit the books and tried to figure out how I can provide value to a team of people who were older and more experienced than me.

Why should they follow me?
Why would they listen to a kid?
How do I add and display value?

I started on a self development path that I am still on today. I read every book on business, psychology, body language, self development, communication, organization and yes cookbook that I could get my hands on. That being said, I learned a lot of tough lessons along the way.

If we fast forward to today. I have been managing for just under 20 years, read many more books and gotten more certifications. I am still in the corporate world and most of my time is spent developing leaders. As I spent more time at work developing and coaching. I fell in love with the process. I ended up getting partnered with a great coach and realized that personal development doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

I decided to become a coach through the Human Potential Institute and continue to help people become the best versions of themselves both at work and at home.